When designing a machine’s safety system, it is necessary to decide whether to use an independent system or a system integrated with the control system. Both solutions have their advantages, so it is worth considering which one will be more optimal for your application.

Independent monitoring systems are easier to diagnose for less experienced automation specialists. Parameterization of the safety relay with timer by means of a screwdriver, by comparing the settings on the front panel, is easy and fast. On the other hand, the integration with the control system, for example in Siemens SAFETY technology, gives a lot of freedom in programming and modification of the safety sequence. This solution saves space and reduces the amount of wiring inside and outside the control cabinet. Integrated solutions may be more advantageous, for example, due to highly dispersed safety systems.

An indirect option is the use of programmable systems separated by hardware from the control system. This is a popular solution offered by Pilz.

Regardless of the selected solution, it is important that it fulfils its function of protecting people and devices, taking into account the normative regulations.